Akshay kumar Biography

Biography of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the most prominent actors who is known for his action scenes in the bollywood films. The favorite actor of many Indian hearts made an awesome filmy carrier and represented a well developed talent for performing romantic and action roles. His quality of justifying each and every type of role including comedy hero and villain make him exclusively popular among the young generation.

Life history and family

The real name of akshay is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. He was born in Amritsar on 9th September in a Punjabi family. He was brought up in Delhi and studied in Don Bosco school of Delhi. After completing his studies, he was sent to Bangkok to learn martial arts. He achieved the 6th degree black belt in the relevant field. After returning to Mumbai he began to teach martial arts to local teenagers. The turning point of his life introduced with the suggestion of entering in the modeling world to him by one of his students. He liked the suggestion and became a leading model within a short time span. He was represented before the Indian public as a hero for the first time with his movie Deedar in 1992. The year is noticeable for his unbelievable success in bollywood film industry. Mohra and Main anadi tu Khiladi, both the movies which was released during the same year made him a super hit hero among the youth. People liked his action performance with a balanced romantic approach. elaan, a low budget movie of the same year brought a lot to him by setting up his image as the leader of action among contemporary actors. Producers liked him promoting as the lead hero for their films, after elaan, suhag and saugandh.

In personal life, he was famous for being dated with pooja bhatta, raveena tondon and shilpa shetty. Later he married with twinkle khanna and continued achieving heights in his acting carrier. He got a tato of his son’s name ‘Aarav’ on his back. It represents his dedication towards his family. But, people still know him as a romantic, handsome guy personally as the rumors of his love with priyanka chopra, the well known bollywood actress and the miss world, 2000 is in discussion among his fans.

Life achievements for acting carrier

Akshay kumar is the acting sensation; being 44 years of age, no one can even say that he has no attraction left or he is declining now by the performance point of view. His amazing capacity of performing each and every kind of role with complete dedication makes him capable of justifying the film character. He made the proud for our nation by winning the highest civilian award of Japan ‘katana’.

He has been awarded the filmfare award for being the best villain and the best comedy hero. His life achievements made him highly deserving to won Padmashri, the sixth highest Indian award which is awarded to the citizen of honor.  

Popular movies and acting carrier

The fantastic rhythm in performing action scenes and amazing talent of creating wonderful emotional environment on screen help the hero to get its audience fixed in cinema halls that wait curiously to discover that what the action leader is going to perform next for knocking down his opponent. He is highly capable of making the viewers laugh a lot in comedy situations, on the other hand; he has also potential to make people cry with emotional expression of the same movie. His recent movie ‘Khatta Meetha’ is the best example of this fact. His acting carrier is full of a variety of movies including comedy, romantic, action, emotional and many more things what the modern generation likes. His 2000 released, Dhadkan was a super duper hit in box office.

Milestones of the acting carrier

Although, each and every movie of akshay is of great importance by one or another aspect, still some of the historically hits cannot be forgot to appreciate. Even, his films which are not successful are discussed seriously by reviewers for his talented screen representation. His movies Dhadkan, Andaaz, Mohra, International khiladi, main khiladi tu anadi, bewafa, ajnabi etc. are highly popular. He did amazing work as a villain in Ajnabi, 2001 release.

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