Do Girls Like Don 2 kind of films ?

Girls like pretty things, cute items, teddy bears and all that. Girls like Shahrukh khan, no doubt. But the question is whether they like Don 2 kind of films? Do girls like to see Shahrukh in action films ? Do they love such films ? Our team conducted a short survey/research and returned with quite surprising results. We enquired both boys and girls about their views. We found out that Girls are more excited about the Don 2 release (even more excited than boys).  Even on our fb page, girls are more active to discussions related to Don 2 movie. Our female friends also surprised us by saying that they are craving to watch Shahrukh, Priyanka in Don 2. It has always been general perception that boys like action movies but the same notion is no more partial to one sex as per current scenario. Now modern Indian girls/ladies are more likely to watch Don 2 and movies of such genre. Yeah, we accept that out of most replies, some wanted to watch the movie because it’s a Shahrukh movie.

Some industry insiders say that Don 2 is not that “HOT” buzz which was when the trailer was officially released. Well, as per our research, we got more people craving for this movie release even now than for any other film this year (not for even Ra.One – For Ra.One, it was just buzz and gossip, no real action from the audiences.)

Our Verdict : Don 2 is an action movie and Indian audience (When we say audience, we mean both sex) are really loving action movies and are more craving for such releases than for any other genre. Inspite of the extreme cold prevailing in most parts of the country, Movie lovers are not going to stop their feet from reaching to theaters. Our team wishes Don 2 enormous success and invites Bollywood industry to give us more movies of such genre (of course with more upgrades and advancement.)

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  2. ravi says:

    srk rock in don2

  3. bulimdenesh says:

    yar don is cool

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