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Don 2 official trailer or teaser was released few days ago. The trailer itself is so interesting and exciting that the movie is bound to be superhit. People are eagerly waiting for the movie release i.e. launch. In the don 2 trailer, we see Shah Rukh khan in a completely new style. Terrific scenes of cars blast, modern techniques of stealth, hi-fi style of fighting and escape. Don original tune is tweaked a little. Priyanka Chopra and ShahRukh khan together looks ravishing. Just watch the don 2 videos below to get a feel of what the hindi film is about 🙂


  1. Md Saharukh Khan says:

    I want this videos & photos

  2. Arnab Debburman says:

    Don 2 Rocks

  3. pronoy says:

    The most desirable movie

  4. md Aurangzeb says:

    i want video of don 2

  5. srinivas says:

    i want u r films translated in telugu also, v r big fans of yours

  6. Mukesh says:

    I am waiting for don2

  7. aman says:

    don 2 create new record in cinema hall

  8. Sagar Dalvi. says:

    I love this video.

  9. prakash says:

    don-2 movie hit movies be—-cause this movie real man movie.

  10. prakash says:

    srk is most hit man of don-2.

  11. Satish says:

    No one can chase king khan

  12. Ajay says:

    I want this diolog as my caller tune.
    Can any one help me?

  13. sandhi najar m. says:

    i am waiting for don 2 . i’m try to watch this film at first day first show.whith my family. i hope this film is not disappoiting me like a ra one, if farhan is read this message please dosent make lost of changes in story line & reathem like ra one .ra one was a good visual effect. but in story lots of on organised scenes like sanjay dutt & priyanka chopra chitti . this is a vest of time . so go whith your natural style and do something new but with starigth story. start to end

  14. akash shukla says:


  15. don says:

    i the original find me not to br found

  16. don says:

    love me i the original one

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