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  1. Veer says:

    I’m excited this movi

  2. devinder singh thakur says:

    shayad esiliye us khuda ne is jameen par ane ki himat nahi ki,kyoki aisa haseen najara dekhne ke baad hum to us khuda se us haseen najare keliye dua karte.par khud kuhda kahan jata dua karne ke liye,
    love u leone & thanks for comming to earth relised to god

  3. Sunil Paramanik says:

    If Indian Audience Knew About Sunny Leone Indentity I bet This Film Going To Flop or People Will demonstrate In all theater will be Not be Allowed to Watch Jism 2. And Also In Bigg Bose Season 5 They Never Reveled This Kind Of secret. I wonder Pooja Bhatt Will be No longer Directed of this Indian Film Industries. Even Not Only I am saying because So many People Shared In FACEBOOK About Sunny Leone and Pooja BHatt Upcoming movie JISM2.

  4. pooja says:

    these type of movies should come up in india coz v r staying in a country which is starved in such things after all these type of movie atleast people can change their mindset i m not telling about exposure its only related to frankness

  5. Aniket says:

    I’m exiting to see sunny’s acting talent.

  6. sanjeev says:

    i like sunny leone in this movie

  7. afzal says:

    sunny looking very very hot in jism2 its good but not good sign for indian cinemas….b’coz in this film many bold scene will be shoot

  8. sushant says:

    I’m exiting to see sunny’s fig & acting talent.

  9. raju karmakar says:

    I am so pleased for this movee

  10. sajal dutta says:

    u sunny ever since i have seen u ,i have started believing in God that he is there ,actually is the creator of this earth and also thought of giving humans on this earth to protect it and do something to shape his earth ,and in form of that he had made us and u sunny is the example of him sunny . plz take my love for u ,

  11. imran khan says:

    super hot sunny leone in jism2 i like it this movei

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