John Abraham on his personal Bike in Desi Boyz

You might have gotten good dose of desi boyz trailers and songs promos on your television sets but let me add some insider details about the film. In the movie, there was a scene where John was required to ride a bike (and you know that John is really a good rider and he knows more than enough about bikes). John insisted to ride his own personal bike and therefore his bike was brought from Mumbai to London where the shooting was being done.

Well, Desi Boyz movie is perfect film for Akshay as he reports. Akshay has lots of comedy films in his way ahead and he thinks that such films are a trend and are a good scorer on box office.

About Desi Boyz, people are excited and they would love to see the garam masala duo together in this movie. Some people say that the Desi boyz movie is apparently Garam Masala 2. Well, it seems something similar as evident from the trailer and promo material of the film.

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