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SRK is the undisputed master of bollywood cinema and acclaimed king khan of hindi film industry. Two Big files Ra.One and Don 2 releasing this year and this has raised the heat. No films want to release near to the schedule of don 2 release. Sunny’s I love New Year film was proposed to be released in the last week of December but the same decision may have to be analysed again.

Farhan Akhtar has indicated that he wants to arrange all things such that Amitabh Bachchan gets to see Don 2. For Farhan, Amitabh is the real Don.

SRK has high hopes for both of his films be it Ra.One or Don 2. To note, Ra.One is produced by Red Chillies entertainment (which of SRK).

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  1. Raju says:

    or those people who r Jealous on SRK, here is a list of His International Achievements which will make them more Jealous and Indians more Proud

    “He is been awarded Datuk award which is the Highest Civilian award of Malasia which is equal to Bharatratna and British Knighthood
    German Media said that Shahrukh is more popular than Pope
    Sharukh khan has received a Doctorate in arts and culture from Bedfordshire University, London
    He is honoured by South Korea,Berlin and Many other Governments
    He is also been awarded French Honour
    A crator on Moon is named after Him by NASA
    He was only Star listed in 50 Most Powerful People in the World
    We Indians are Proud of Shahrukh………

  2. Amit kulhari says:

    SRK is tha master blaster of bollywood, , without SRK bollywood is nothing. . .

  3. mohammed shoeib says:

    outSRK is the king of bollywood after some time SRK will bi King of bollywood,hollywood,tollywood,and some of the world famous king.The king is shahrukh khan.

  4. hamza khan says:

    don 2 will break all records inshahallah

  5. rock star says:

    he is kmina

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