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Biography of Mallika Sherawat

Controversy’s Child!

Indeed she is, and she takes pride in it, lives every moment of it and what’s more, makes a good living out if as well! She is an inspiration for all those who have a wacky sense of style, and have the grit to carry it off even at the expense of attracting strong criticisms and stifled laughter. This is Mallika Sherawat for you – take it or leave it – this is what makes her what she is, and this is definitely what reasons for the crazy fan following that she has not only in India, but across the world.

Career and Filmography

Shall we start with Reema Lamba (Mallika’s real name before she decided for a phonetically better one!), who was given a special appearance in Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, or the on-screen-kissing-record-breaking Khwahish? These were the flashes of what was to become one of the flashiest careers in the Indian Film Industry.

The role that her fans remember her for is most definitely that of Simra Saigla in Murder (2004). The sensuous portrayal of a straying housewife could only be given justice by the talented actress that Mallika is. Though this was more of a stepping stone to what was to come in the future. Just when the critics had signed her off as another body-show package without any real talents she gave them an apt reply with Ugly Aur Pagli (2008), opposite Ranvir Shorey as well as Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006) with Rahul Bose.

Her aspirations are however, westward, with occasional stints in international ventures like The Myth (2005) with Jacki Chan and crossover films like Hisss (2010). In Hiss, she has almost appeared nude in few of the scenes. In the Politics of Love (2011), she played an interesting part as well, even though it failed to create a lasting impression.

Her forte, nevertheless lies in two spheres – one is undoubtedly sleazy item numbers, that make or mar a movie, and two, comic roles. In case of the former, Maiyya Maiyaa, was almost on the verge of becoming a cult song. Signs of latter are prominent in the rib-tickling Welcome, where she uses her comic sense to the maximum possible extent.

Though not for her short stints on screen, she is known for her extraordinary red carpet appearances, which indeed doesn’t fail to strike a mark! Who possibly could think of showing up with a snaked coiled around her neck, just before the release of her film, but Mallika! Her outrageous wardrobe choice can definitely be termed as more than just bold – at times daring even. It is because of this reason that critics have often claimed that she makes too much of an effort to be seen. Effort or not, seen she is, and quite well at that, wherever she choose to show up.

Item songs being her forte, she has done quite a few of them in her entire career. And, in each of them she has left her mark, the latest one being in Osthe, a Tamil film, which released in the year 2011.

Personal Life

It is interesting to note that her family was not quite approving of her choice of career when she first made her decision known. Her mother was supportive all throughout – the reason why she chose Sherawat as her surname. But why Mallika – the name Reema would seem too common an insignificant for someone who had so much coming. Surely, that was a good move, because her fans would find it difficult to associate a lady of her grit with a subtle name like Reema. And, Mallika gives her that extra gravity to drive forward in its highly competitive and extremely demanding industry.

It can become especially demanding for someone who does not have a godmother or godfather, or God anything, for that matter! Keeping this in perspective it is definitely a big task on her account that she has been able to make her presence felt and create a place for herself in this industry. Later on, however, keeping in mind her determination to make it big for herself and having given enough proof of that, she was able to win back her family’s approval.

With all this left well behind her, the glamour girl, Mallika Sherawat, definitely has a lot going for her, and in the positive direction.

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