Murder 2 Songs MP3 Video – Watch Download

Murder 2 movie songs has been made and is released. The video of Haal-E-dil song is also available on youtube for watching. If you have youtube downloader, you can easily download murder 2 video songs.

Murder 2 MP3 Video Songs :

The movie consists of following songs:

  • Haal E dil
  • AA jara
  • Aye khuda
  • Phir Mohabbat
  • Tujhko bhulana

I hope you like these songs.. Videos are also being rapidly released on youtube and other video sharing websites where you can do a quick search to watch and enjoy.


  1. Hrishikesh says:

    Jacklin..she z 2 hot..i lik heartiest wishes 2 her movie..imran z my favourate alwez..m eager 2 c dis movie..

  2. AFLAH says:

    So hot 2 glamorous me eagerly waiting 2 watch this movie kissing king Emraan and srilankan model jacpuline wow i can’t wait any more to watch this movie

  3. ramesh says:

    i like this song phir mohabbat,

  4. Ashutosh shrivastava says:

    In every song jacqueline & imran’s pair looks too mysterious.

  5. meet says:

    all songs r good

  6. Vivan says:

    I like imran he is too hot

  7. RINKU PAUL says:

    emraan my favourite hero,
    i like his all film,
    because emraan ki filmo ek sachaai hoti h or gano mein ek dard hota h.

    • ajitesh singh says:

      apne bilkul sach kaha imran ki filmo me life ki reality rahti hai.or dekhne se lagta hai jaise ham bhi issse kahi na kahi jura hua hai.

  8. kapil dev says:

    imran hasmi is a very hot man

  9. Annu bharti says:

    I like hale dil song sooooooooooooo much…
    The meaning of the song is very nice.

  10. Emran hashmi is looking & talking so nice.

  11. Akshay varma says:

    I like all music & imran.

    • RINKESH PAUL says:

      All song of murder2 fabulauas…..
      but phir mohbbat song is very nice…touch to my heart…I ded to thid song my swt heart $**kisu**$…..
      and we are also gone to watch this film….becoz this day my birthday,also celibrate..
      emraan my favtre hero…all song of his fim very cute & so nice….

  12. ravikumar says:

    Himran is always fav.i like all songs.i have waiting 4 see the movie.

  13. Ajit Deshmukh says:

    The move is excellent. The imran is amasing.

  14. RINKESH PAUL says:

    fabulaus song…phir mohbbat karne chala h tu…in this song break movement very static…..

    Emraan my favourite hero..i also watch this film when this realese…..he is a serial kisser…when he kisses his movement very fantastic….continue…

  15. Deepu says:

    Jacklin’ s so hot phir

  16. Shubham says:

    It will be good movie

  17. sarfaraz turki says:

    emran is looking so nice & each n every song of this film is too good

  18. Karan says:

    Imraaaaaaan, is trusteble men b-co—-z woh apni wife se bahut pyaar karte hai, isliye sets par jise bhi wo kiss karte hai aur jitne deri tak karte hai ve firstly apni wife se share karte hai. good husbnd

  19. rajveer says:

    i like all song murder2

  20. ohhh…….. Jacklin…!! m so exited to see u in MURDER2… Imran looks so confident like always….. I m sure that MURDER2 is going to be rock………….!!!!

  21. Bikash Neupane says:

    its really mind blowing
    Watch it out.

  22. Rajkumar chaudhary says:

    The film is very cute

  23. tariq says:

    muerder2 chaa gai hai pakistan mai emran ki waja se….awarapan ki yadain taza hogai….xellent work by team of m2….

  24. Ansar says:

    Imaran was a gud actor.And a real action hero

  25. tharanga says:

    wow..what a nice move..i like it

  26. mohd gaffar says:

    i like hale dil n phir mohabat so much n i was really happy whn i am listng dis songs.

  27. [email protected] PriYA says:

    EMRAAN……..U ROCK IN DIS MOVIE…..jacklING U R LUKING AWSOme………..ND REALLY Dis movie is more gud as compared 2 murder 1………….:) i reALLY EXCIETED 2 SEE murDER 3 ALSO…………….

  28. Arpan jana says:

    Really I like this film.this story is very nice.I really excite to see MURDER3,so again

  29. kauser says:

    i like this movie

  30. Faraz khan says:

    I like your movies.

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