Not a love Story Song Videos MP3 Download – Rangeela Re

Well, the music of Not a love story film by Ram Gopal Verma has ealier been launched and one can easily buy its tracks. The music promo for the awesome remixed Rangeela Re track have been uploaded on youtube and other websites on internet. Rangeela Re soundtrack promo is also being streamed on television screen. You can watch such promo videos of not a love story easily online.

What is so special about this track – Rangeela Re ? Well, just listen to this track. The new version completely absorbs you into it. You seem to wander. The effect is much more fantasizing than anything else. I just listened to the song and I was feeling light by weight. I felt I am floating and I wanted to dance. I wanted to let my hands free, I wanted to enjoy.

Note: Never go for any illegal website which supports piracy by facilitating Not a love story mp3 songs download or other audio songs of hindi films. Always buy original. Stop piracy! Support the work of artists and their contribution to the industry. I myself always buy original cds/dvds and always pursue all my friends to enjoy original legitimate work.

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