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Watching movies is our birthright! But we do not want to waste our precious time watching unworthy movies and films. Every viewer has his/her own opinion about a film. You might like a movie while your pal may dislike it. Why don’t you share with the world your own opinions about a particular movie you recently watched. Share you liking, disliking, what part you liked the most in a movie and what part spoil the movie. Rate it. Give your ratings. Let others read your reviews about movies and decide whether they should watch the movie or not.

Here on , you are entitled to exclusive uncensored reviews writing opportunity. Write your reviews, your opinions for a particular film and then submit to us. Your movie reviews will be published on our website with your name and other details so that your voice could reach to several others.

We know that you don’t need any prize but we would like to express our sincere thanks by sending surprise gifts to such reviewers whose reviews are really of the excellent quality and are highly appreciated by our readers and visitors.

How to Submit your movie reviews ?

Just send an email to saurabhstardom (at) gmail (dot) com with the following details :

Your name – This will be published

Your address – This will not be published or made public.

Your mobile number – This will not be published or made public.

Your review article – The article may be sent as document file and attached in the email.

Note: Only your name and the article review will be published. Your mobile number and address are just for records in case we need to send you surprise gift.

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