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Don 2 hindi movie is another blockbuster acclaimed and prospective superhit by Shahrukh khan. It is releasing on 23rd December right before christmas celebration. Just inquire with your local theaters, multiplexes and cinema halls for the availability of the movie and book the tickets in advance else you may miss the 1st day 1st show excitement because millions are already awaiting the release of Don 2 for long not only in India but worldwide. Shahrukh khan amazing look, hair style, dialogues, action sequences, 3d release are all additional attractions that keep people inviting to the theaters to watch don 2. Don 2 music has already been released and people are rhyming to the tunes of don 2 even on their mobile phones in the form of ringtones. As release date nears, fans are most excited about Don 2 hindi movie. Even Don 2 team including Shahrukh and Priyanka are attending various events, tours and meeting local people to allure them to theaters when the film finally releases on 23 december, 2011. Farhan Akhtar, the director of the movie is equally excited and even the don 2 crew has already made their minds to make the last and the final in this series i.e. Don 3 few years later.

After watching the movie, do tell us what did you like in it and what didn’t appeal to you!


  1. mayuresh chikane says:

    Iam your’s big big big biggest fan srk

  2. mayuresh chikane says:

    i want to seedon2 pls

  3. Rahulkumar says:


  4. Kafeel says:

    I wanna to see the movie

  5. milon says:

    its big motion muvie

  6. mahendra suthar says:

    vary nice movie

  7. saif ul malook says:

    i want to see movie don2

  8. Kriya says:

    I would like to add it was far better than SRK’s own production Ra.One. I felt the script is bit weak, compared with the original movie and rest of the things were fine. SRK has given a superb performance as expected.

  9. parag says:

    very nice

  10. nishak says:

    nothing i like hindi film thank you

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