Watch Rascals – Bollywood Movie

Rascals is a comedy film and is one of the awaited movie among comedy lovers and munnabhai lovers. Kangana Ranaut has appeared in the movie in Bikini. The movie contains full comedy, confusion, teasing and lot more.. Even news reports say that Salman khan will also watch Rascals movie, So why should you not watch? Go to your nearest theater and watch Rascals hindi movie. The movie will be releasing on 6th – 7th October 2011. Earlier in the news was the distance created between Kangana and the male actors but as the movie nears release, we hope everything is resolved. I am going to watch Rascals, what about you? Did you like the movie from its trailers or promos? What is your opinion about the movie? Will it be able to become super hit? Just put your view/opinion below by commenting. We would be awaiting your response. Thanks for reading!


  1. shs says:

    its nice i like this movie

  2. sumit says:

    its such a funniest movie

  3. tushar says:

    this movie is so funny

  4. Rahul yadav says:

    i never want to see this movie

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