What people say about Ra.One movie [Reviews]

Ra.One is one of the top grossing films ever produced in bollywood. Thanks to Shahrukh khan aggressive marketing and impressive and engaging tactics employed for the promotion of the film. It is no doubt film of such calibre raises bars and voices, hue and cry. Some liked the film while others disliked, whatever, the masses watched it. Whether the film is good or bad is just the one side of the coin, the other side is that almost everyone who has heard about the movie watched it. No doubt, people have praised about the 3d version of Ra.One and the special effects employed in the movie. Fans and critics have also emphasized on SRK charm being thorough in the movie which leads the movie to a good score.

We’ve asked people on our facebook fan page and fan pages of our partners’s facebook account for their reviews, feedback and rating on Ra.One movie, here is what they have to say about it :

Pankaj Sharma, John Mark Johnson, Anshul kumar, Siddharth Kashyap, Mohit kumar Mohantty, Ish Aan Sachdeva, Hardik Jain, Hardik Solanki, Bhavika Asdul, Disha Chadha, Thakur Rajeev, Vineet Shrivas, Sumeet Latta, Chaudhary kulwant, Shubham Grover, Kumar Hani and several other facebooks fans of our page have commented positively about the movie rating it as one of the awesome SRK movie produced in bollywood.

Few other people have criticized the movie saying it is just a video game and nothing much, good for kids. They say that they are disappointed with SRK as they expected very high. Some even said that it will become flop (In real, it is already a superhit.)

Few people also compared SRK’s Ra.One with Bodyguard and rated Ra.One points higher than Bodyguard. It seems people and fans are more happy with SRK than any other bollywood actor be it Salman khan or Aamir khan..


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  1. amit says:

    ra one is realy a briliant movie. i love it.srk hats of u.

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